MegSkwaats at SuperTraining Gym

About a year ago if you would have asked me some of the things I dreamed of happening with my brand and my channel, it would definitely include training at SuperTraining with Mark Bell, and being featured on the PowerCast. Listen to my episode on the PowerCast or Watch it on YouTube.

Not only did Mark invite me to be a guest on his show, but also he gifted me the opportunity to lift with his team: Silent Mike, Dan, Smokey, Cali, Marcus, and more. Also there in Sacramento, I trained Untamed with Alan Thrall, someone I look up to for lifting advice and cues.  

I'm not a world record holder. I'm not the most famous person on social media. I haven't won a huge meet or gone to Worlds. I do care about the history and future of powerlifting, and I'm determined to make the world a stronger place. 

It means a lot to me to be recognized by Mark Bell and his team. Now I'm back home in New York City and despite being non-stop with interviews and more podcasts, I'm ready to reassess my goals and aim higher. 

Check out my videos so far from my time at SuperTraining and let me know what you think!