Surround Yourself with People who Support You teamed up with SuperTraining Gym to host a free Seminar. Luckily I was able to help demo the squat and talk to attendees during a Q&A session.

If you missed the seminar, you can watch the live feed of the entire event recorded by Mark Bell has a pretty epic speech that I suggest you watch for life and lifting motivation.

 SuperTraining x

SuperTraining x

I had such a great time with sponsored athletes: Amanda Bucci, Leanna Carr, Brooke Erickson, Ashley Horner, and Karina Baymiller. All of the women I met there share a ton of interests, but I see in them what I strive to be myself. A hard worker, a good friend, a caring coach, and always striving to improve.

During Mark's speech in the LiveStream, he talks about surrounding yourself with people who make you better. I'm so thankful the opportunities I have set me up to be around men and women who want to lift one another up. 

I've had moments in my life where I needed to reconsider friendships or relationships that weren't propelling me forward. Unfortunately people in our lives aren't easy to let go of, but if you stay focused and continue doing what you need to do to improve, those people will adapt to your changes and new way of life. If they can't hang, they will fall by the wayside. Those who care, will join you in a happier life. I promise you.

The good news, is that one day, you will no longer run into people who don't want to see you succeed. You may, but you will pay them no mind because you're too focused on being great.

Check out my video where you can go behind the scenes of the seminar: