100 Non-Weightloss or Physique Based Resolutions for 2017

Writing you in prep for my favorite holiday of all. New Years Day! You read right. New Years DAY. My days of chugging champagne without having a gnarly headache are long gone. I usually try to have a glass or two with friends for New Year’s Eve, but January 1st of every fresh year always gets me excited.

You see, on January 1st 2013, I made a New Year’s resolution to try Crossfit. Here’s me in April with my newfound gym friends (Aleta and Miriam).

I thought I was swoll even back then! Good thing I’ve since learned how to pose. 

My life would not be what it is today had I never given myself that opportunity and taken the risk to be one of those corny Resolutioners. 

So I dare you to take a small step for the New Year. There are those who will tell you to start any time of year, but there is something just so refreshing about a clean slate. Come up with a plan over these next few days and go for it. 

If you’re lost on ideas, I put together a list of 100 different goals (that aren’t weight loss/physique related) you can try to tackle this year. Some you may have already crossed off in years past, some may seem too big to even think about. 

Coming from the girl who used to not know how to even flex for a gym photo, trust me, no goal is out of reach. 


  1. Get your first pull-up (This is one of my favorite and most rewarding goals I ever set for myself. Tackle this with my Extended Pull-Up program. Purchase this week for only $25)
  2. Add 10lbs to squat/bench/deadlift
  3. Do 25 push ups unbroken
  4. Deadlift 2x bodyweight
  5. Squat 1.5x bodyweight
  6. Bench bodyweight
  7. Run a full strength/powerlifting program
  8. Sign up for a powerlifting meet
  9. Try weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk)
  10. Do the McGill Big 3 Challenge
  11. Hold a plank for 2 minutes
  12. Try pole fitness
  13. Record videos of your lifts and ask for advice
  14. Do a chin-up
  15. Rope climb
  16. Complete a 12-week strength program
  17. Build core strength to do windshield wipers
  18. Practice handstands 3x/week
  19. Do Turkish Get Ups
  20. 60 second double arm hang
  21. 15 second single arm hang
  22. Bodyweight barbell squat for 10 reps
  23. Do pistol squat with both legs (no not at the same time)
  24. Do a one handed handstand
  25. Train some strongman movements (try log press, axle deadlift, atlas stones



  1. Replace your sweets with a protein cookie
  2. Drink a glass of water every morning (#health)
  3. Give up alcohol for 1 month
  4. Commit to a specific diet
  5. Take creatine consistently
  6. Learn more about dieting for athletes
  7. Cook at home 4x a week
  8. Try flexible dieting
  9. Cut out processed foods with a Whole 30
  10. Drink more green juice
  11. Try going vegan
  12. Meatless Mondays
  13. Eat more salad
  14. Track on a fitness app (Try Lifesum)
  15. Incorporate a multivitamin
  16. Eat your before/after your workout (Like RPStrength)
  17. Drink an intraworkout shake
  18. Get at least 5 fruit/vegetables in a day
  19. Get 1g of protein/lb of bodyweight a day
  20. Eat an apple a day
  21. Pack your lunch
  22. Start a veggie garden
  23. Join a CSA
  24. Swap soda, juice, sweet teas for water
  25. Never shop when you’re hungry


  1. Try a spin class
  2. Walk/run/bike to the gym
  3. Hit x # of steps per day
  4. Go on a walk on your lunch break
  5. Do a Tough Mudder/Spartan Race
  6. Schedule walks/runs with a friend
  7. 100 Unbroken double unders
  8. Run a 5k/10k/half marathon/marathon
  9. Bike to work
  10. Use a dynamic warm-up before lifting
  11. Play outside more
  12. Join an ultimate frisbee league
  13. Get better at snowboarding
  14. Learn how to surf
  15. Race/Walk for charity
  16. Go roller skating
  17. Go dancing
  18. Run longer than you ever have before
  19. Grab your mom and do jazzercize (remember that?)
  20. Try a HIIT workout, or bootcamp class
  21. Join a row team
  22. Do a color run
  23. Go to a trampoline park
  24. Wake up and dance at Daybreaker


Mobility, Movement and Wellness

  1. Do 5 sun salutations every morning
  2. Go to 1 yoga class a week
  3. Add 10 minutes of mobility/dynamic warmup to my workouts
  4. Do the splits
  5. Perfect the toddler squat
  6. Pack your gym bag the night before
  7. Get a standing desk
  8. Quit smoking
  9. Balance on 1 leg with your eyes closed for 15 seconds
  10. Master a Yoga pose
  11. Foam roll before and after your workout
  12. Meditate
  13. Try your luck with healing crystals
  14. Relax with a bath bomb
  15. Read 10 minutes before bed each night
  16. Join a mastermind or life coaching group
  17. Practice gratitude. Write down 10 things you’re thankful for every day
  18. Try a 30 day yoga challenge
  19. Start a journal
  20. Spend 10 minutes a day working on a new project
  21. Call mom every week
  22. Sleep 7 hours per night
  23. Floss your teeth!
  24. Get a singing bowl
  25. Get a sport’s massage
  26. MAKE THE WORLD STRONGER (by sharing Megsquats youtube channel with everyone you know!)