meg gallagher
(megsquats) is a powerlifting coach, athlete, and dedicated to getting more women lifting.



Meg has successfully coached hundreds of powerlifters through either their first squat, first meet, or first national-level competition. Through her YouTube channel and professional passion for the sport of powerlifting, she has studied under and interviewed the strongest strength athletes in the world. Meg is the founder of Strong Strong Friends, a coaching company with a mission of getting a barbell in every woman's hands.



Certifications: ISSA Certified Trainer, USAPL Club Coach, Safe Sport Certified

After playing basketball and running cross country at the collegiate level, Meg eventually found crossfit and strength training. The competitive spark of crossfit ignited an interest to lead her to compete in crossfit, bodybuilding, weightlifting, strongman, and powerlifting.

Meg has gone on to compete in powerlifting at the Arnold Pro Raw Challenge, USAPL Nationals 2015-2017, and has been invited to participate in lifting exhibitions and seminars throughout the United States.

Her most recent performance at the 2017 USAPL Nationals resulted in a 9/9 performance, hitting 137.5kg (303lb) squat, 77.5kg (171lb) bench, 182.5kg (402lb) deadlift, and a 432 wilks score. 



athlete Reviews

Strong Strong Friends is not only about gripping the barbell and feeling the weight but it’s about how the barbell transforms you from the inside everytime you face a rep, set, or session.
— Chavonne, California
My squat depth is better, my bench is more confident and I just feel like a more confident lifter all around. And bros ask me to spot them now, so I feel badass for that.
— Rachel K, Baltimore
She has something for everyone and I wanted to work with someone that was actually going to answer my questions and give me the time of day while getting me stronger.
— Danielle S, New York