A record holding powerlifter, Meg is the content creator of the Megsquats YouTube Channel, the head coach and CEO at Strong Strong Friends, and is on a mission to make powerlifting as trendy as Soul Cycle.


Meg has been making videos covering her own strength training since 2014, and her channel has grown to nearly 140,000 subscribers, or Strong Strong Friends, as she calls them.

What started as a training log for her own personal lifts, her YouTube channel has evolved to become a resource and platform for the strength community. Her channel features some of the strongest people in the world (Chad Wesley Smith, Jennifer Thompson, Kevin Oak, and Kim Walford to name a few). Where viewers can learn about great lifters and the organizations and brands that support the strength community.

The Megsquats channel has also covered topics on steroid use, urinary stress incontinence, how to find a girl who lifts, and making friends at the gym. While she loves interviewing other athletes and touchy topics in the strength world, 50% of Meg’s channel covers her own journey as a competitive powerlifter.

Competition History

March 2014: Crossfit Mid-Atlantic Team Challenge
April 2014: NPC Mid-Atlantic Open (Bikini Show)
March 2014: Crossfit Capital Throwdown - 3rd Place
August 2014: NOVA's Strongest Woman - 1st Place, Heavyweight Novice
December 2014: USAPL American Open - 5th Place, 72kg | 360kg total | 350.71 Wilks
June 2015: Capital Classic Deadlift Challenge - 1st Place Overall, Best Lifter
October 2015: USAPL Raw Nationals - 9th Place, 63kg | 365kg total | 397.78 Wilks
March 2016: Arnold Pro Raw Challenge - 4th Place, 63kg | 375kg total | 402.75 Wilks
October 2016: USAPL Raw Nationals - 12th Place, 63kg | 382.5kg total | 411 Wilks

-63kg USAPL Open Washington DC Raw Deadlift (172.5kg)
-63kg USAPL Open Washington DC Raw Push-Pull (240kg)